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Nikol Pashinyan received members of families of servicemen killed during military service


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received members of families of servicemen who died under different circumstances during their military service. The Head of Government listened to their problems and concerns. In particular, they presented their views on criminal cases and trials, the circumstances that may serve as grounds for disclosure of cases and which have not been previously considered by the law enforcement authorities for some reasons.

“I remember having a brief meeting and I promised you to address your problems as soon as possible. Believe it, this was the closest deadline for a chance to meet you. Naturally, we and I personally are eager to see all issues addressed. In other words, I know that there are cases that are not disclosed at all, there are cases that are considered to be disclosed but the affected families have specific doubts and are not satisfied with status of investigation. Therefore, I think that we should try to address them again where we have reasonable suspicion that everything is not as it is. I will ask the law enforcement authorities to take up these cases and try to achieve results,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister underscored that he has no reason to be reluctant to see the criminal cases fully disclosed. Nikol Pashinyan assured that all the presented cases will be kept in the spotlight.

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