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Launch of the institution of confiscation of ill-earned assets discussed in Government


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation to discuss the process of launching the institution of confiscation of ill-earned property.

“For more than two months now, a legislative framework and a system for confiscation of ill-earned assets have de jure been introduced in Armenia. The purpose of today’s discussion is to see where we have reached in terms of forming this institution, how well it is prepared for launching full-fledged activities, and what is to be done in the near future,”
the Prime Minister said at the beginning of the meeting.

It was reported that in close cooperation with the agencies concerned, the Department for Confiscation of Property of Illegal Origin at the Office of Prosecutor General is currently investigating several criminal cases in order to build up the necessary evidence base.

The Prime Minister stressed the need for effective implementation of the process of confiscation of ill-earned assets and called for close cooperation between the relevant public agencies.

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