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Prime Minister: “Our task is not to drive people into prison; our task is to enforce the rule of law in Armenia”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced newly appointed Investigative Committee Chairman Hayk Grigoryan to the IC Board. The Prime Minister noted that the Investigative Committee is the largest investigative body of Armenia, therefore, its influence on the criminal-legal situation, the issue of establishing legitimacy, ensuring the inevitability of punishment in the case of a crime is very high.

“We hope that in the new political situation this appointment will open up a new chapter in the activities of the Investigative Committee and in the relationship between the Investigative Committee and the society. I think that the logic of this appointment is clear: we want a qualitative change of generations both in the political life of Armenia and in all spheres of public life, as a result of which the best that exists, including the Investigative Committee, was preserved and developed, and the negativity that also exists, was no more.

You may know that in the current situation we attach great importance to the rule of law, the fight against crime, criminal thinking, corruption, and this is the most important process in the social life of Armenia.

But we also emphasize that our task in these processes is not to fill the prisons with people, our task is to ensure legality in the Republic of Armenia, and in the fight against corruption our task is also to compensate the damage inflicted on the state and people to the last penny. I hope that the SC with its enormous resources and energy will sincerely take up this work,” Nikol Pashinyan noted.

The Prime Minister stressed that Hayk Grigoryan is also tasked to ensure the stability of the system. “We really hope that the changes that have occurred in the activities and thinking of citizens will also be manifested in the activities and thinking of IC investigators and representatives of the law enforcement system, as a whole.

I think that relations between went deteriorating between investigative bodies and society in recent years, divide of distrust has appeared, and I hope that the new era will usher in the opposite process. Mr. Grigoryan, you are responsible for this process and in a sense, lead the process as regards the Investigative Committee,” the Premier said.

Hayk Grigoryan thanked the Prime Minister for confidence and went on to emphasize: “I realize that in this historical period, I am obliged to consistently increase the public’s trust in law enforcement authorities. Transparency, strict protection of human rights and civic freedoms will be the highlights of our work style.”

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