Telegrams of Condolence

Nikol Pashinyan extends condolences on Iosif Kobzon’s demise


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a condolence message on the passing of Iosif Kobzon.

The message runs as follows: “I was deeply grieved to learn about the demise of USSR People’s Artist, Russian State Duma Member Iosif Kobzon. Iosif Davidovich was one of the most demanded and beloved artists, an intellectual, a prominent figure whose name was undoubtedly held in great respect both in Russia and abroad.

All the way through his lifetime, he remained a devoted friend of the Armenian people, an earnest advocate of stronger and well-developed Armenian-Russian relations, and he was bestowed with numerous State wards of Armenia.

I hereby extent my sincere condolences to Iosif Kobzon’s family, friends and relatives on this irreversible loss”

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