Telegrams of Condolence

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan extends condolences over passing of Robert Morgenthau


Dear Morgenthau family,

I was deeply grieved to learn about the demise of Robert Morgenthau, the great friend of the Armenian people, the grandson of Ambassador Henry Morgenthau.

As a great patriot, war veteran, leading expert in law and human rights advocate, Mr. Morgenthau used to enjoy everyone’s love and respect. With his diligence, readiness to serve his home town New York and help people, with the ability to find the best solutions to even the most complicated legal issues, he set a vivid example for several generations of lawyers.

For over a century, the Morgenthau family has been in close touch with the Armenian people, as fate has willed so. We are grateful to you for assisting our compatriots during the Armenian Genocide, supporting the Genocide survivors, raising international awareness of that appalling crime, as well as for the efforts aimed at Genocide recognition.

The name of Ambassador Henry Morgenthau is engraved in gold letters in the history of the Armenian people. If it were not for his noble deeds, many episodes of that dark period perhaps would have remained unknown to mankind. As the true grandson and fellow of his grandfather and father, Mr. Robert Morgenthau was the one to build on their efforts and was proud of his family’s close ties with the Armenian people.

At this time of great loss, I extend my deepest condolences to your family, relatives and friends. Mr. Morgenthau’s memory will forever remain bright in the hearts of the Armenian people.

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