Congratulatory telegrams

Acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s Congratulatory Message on World Press Freedom Day


Dear Mass Media Representatives,
Dear Journalists,

I congratulate you on the World Press Freedom Day and wish that your mind and pen should always be focused on the idea of building a stronger and more powerful Armenia. We all are bound by duty to make every effort in order improve and strengthen our country, and you have a great mission in this process.

You are the power that has a duty not only to raise issues of concern to society, but also to shape the vision of a citizen and the patriot concerned about the future of their country, since after all the basis of everything is the man with a spark in the eyes.

Together with the political forces, the authorities, the opposition and civil society, you are responsible for shaping a more tolerant environment in our country, an environment where we can listen to and perceive each other’s opinion; we must be kinder, more tolerant and respectful even if we have disagreements. It is our duty to form such an environment of tolerance.

Reiterating my congratulations, I wish you all a good springtime mood.

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