Congratulatory telegrams

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s congratulatory message on Diplomat’s Day


Dear diplomats,

I congratulate you on the Day of the Diplomat of the Republic of Armenia. It is emblematic that your professional holiday is associated with the landmark event in the history of the Armenian people and the formation of our statehood, when the Armenian tricolor was raised in front of the UN headquarters. Thus, the age-old dream of the Armenian people was fulfilled, that is, Armenia’s formal and symbolic inclusion in the large family of sovereign states.

The foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Armenia, the inviolability of Armenia’s and Artsakh’s security, the citizen’s dignity, as well as the will to achieve a better future for the country are just the values that should lead us to ever new achievements.

There are serious issues on Armenia’s foreign policy agenda that are of primary and vital importance to our state. Our position on these issues is what will determine Armenia’s normal development, security and international authority.

Armenia is currently moving along the path of bold and irreversible reforms in various spheres of public life. You, the diplomats, have an important mission here in terms of materializing the potential available in the sphere of foreign policy, which was systematized by the non-violent velvet revolution in our country. On the one hand, new challenges have emerged, but on the other hand, we boast unprecedented opportunities after the velvet revolution.

Today, Armenia enjoys its highest ever rating in the international arena. This is evidenced by every visit, every meeting. The changes underway in Armenia are highly appreciated by the international community. We should build on this with our foreign policy and economic achievements.

Dear diplomats,

Our common mission is the establishment of Armenia as a country of law and justice, truth and the most important values - freedom, democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights, and we will not deviate a millimeter from this mission.

Here our most important mission is to transform the political revolution into an economic one. Strengthening the economic component of Armenia’s foreign policy is one of our primary tasks, and the Foreign Ministry has to play a key role in this matter.

Dear diplomats,

Today we boast an exceptional unity on the way to pushing ahead with our national agenda in a bid to achieve our goals and dreams aimed at strengthening the Armenian statehood. In this regard, I expect you to do a consistent and selfless job.

Reiterating my congratulations, I wish you new brave ideas and inexhaustible energy along the path of implementation in order to strengthen our statehood and promote our people’s wellbeing.

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