Congratulatory telegrams

Congratulatory message by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Maternity and Beauty Day


Dear women, mothers, sisters and daughters,

I cordially congratulate you on Maternity and Beauty Day.

Our people have special love and respect for mothers, who are the bedrock of the Armenian family. You have played an important role in our victories and achievements throughout our nation’s long history.

The recent political development in New Armenia came to highlight once again our women’s important role in public life. Indeed, the manifestation of women’s political activity has become a turning point that brought about fundamental changes in Armenia. Women should be more active at public, political and economic levels in New Armenia, and the Government must do everything in its power in this respect.

My special congratulations go to those mothers whose children are now protecting the borders of our homeland. I bow to those mothers whose heroic sons gave their lives for the sake of our country’s safety.

Dear women, mothers, sisters and daughters,

Reiterating my congratulations, I wish you homely warmth, happiness and peace.

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