Congratulatory telegrams

Nikol Pashinyan extends birthday greetings to Nikolai Ryzhkov on 90th birth anniversary


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan conveyed birthday greetings to National Hero of Armenia, Russia’s State Duma member Nikolai Ryzhkov on his 90th birth anniversary. The congratulatory message reads:

“Dear Nikolai Ivanovich,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your 90th birth anniversary.

With your creative work and devotion you have earned popular respect and fame in fraternal Russia. Your rich experience as a highly responsible statesman; your professionalism and broad knowledge have always served the best interest of the people of Russia.

You are known and loved in Armenia not only as a prominent state figure, but also as a true friend of the Armenian people, who provided us invaluable support following the devastating earthquake of Spitak.

And it is not by accident that in appreciation of your personal contribution to the operations carried out in the aftermath of the earthquake and for your immense moral support provided to the people of Armenia you were conferred upon the highest title of National Hero of Armenia.

For many decades, you did your utmost to develop and deepen the Armenian-Russian allied relations, underpinned by a solid platform of inter-parliamentary diplomacy, and your role in its furtherance can scarcely be exaggerated. You are always welcome to Armenia.

Dear Nikolai Ivanovich, I wish you robust health, endless vigor and new achievements, as well as all the best to your family.”

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