Congratulatory telegrams

PM congratulates Yazidi community on Malake Taus


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has sent a congratulatory message to Armenia’s Yazidi community on the occasion of Malake Taus, the Yazidi New Year. The congratulatory message says:

“Dear representatives of the Yazidi community of Armenia,

I offer you my most cordial greetings on the occasion of Malake Taus.

The centuries-old friendship between the Armenian and Yazidi peoples withstood the test of a common struggle, strengthened by peaceful, creative work and common achievements. Tangible is your contribution to the development and defense of our country, our common home.

Malake Taus implies new hopes and dreams. I wish to see a peaceful and safe region in the New Year, with all hardships and challenges left in the past.

All the best to you, dear compatriots!”

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