Congratulatory telegrams

PM Pashinyan congratulates Vladimir Putin on birthday


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a congratulatory message to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the occasion of his birthday. The message runs as follows,

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

Please, accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday.

Your rich experience of public and political activity aimed at the realization of the goals in the development interests of the Russian Federation, as well as your persistent efforts aimed at further strengthening the country's role in the global arena, have earned you a worthy respect at home and abroad.

Your personal contribution to the strengthening of the Russian-Armenian allied relations is unquestionable. We are grateful for your efforts to establish a lasting and firm peace in the South Caucasus.

I sincerely value the mutual understanding and trusting relationship between us.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

I wish you good health, happiness and new success in your responsible position’’.

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