Congratulatory telegrams

Prime Minister Pashinyan sends congratulatory message to newly elected Prime Minister of Japan


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a congratulatory message to Fumio Kishida on the occasion of being elected Prime Minister of Japan. The message runs as follows,

“Your Excellency,

I warmly congratulate you on being elected Prime Minister of Japan.

I record with satisfaction that during the past years friendly relations based on mutual respect have been established between Armenia and Japan, the bilateral cooperation is expanding year by year, covering new spheres of economic and cultural life. I am sure that during your tenure the Armenian-Japanese relations will be supplemented with new programs and initiatives.

Armenia and the Armenian people are grateful to Japan for its continued support, which plays an important role in the development of our country.

Attaching great importance to the further development of close ties with Japan, I express my readiness to make efforts to further develop and strengthen the existing ties between our countries for the benefit of our peoples.

I wish you good health and success, and peace and welfare to the friendly people of Japan".

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