Congratulatory telegrams

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's congratulatory message on the occasion of the 85th birthday of People's Artist of the Republic of Armenia Tigran Mansurian


Dear Master,

I heartily congratulate you on your 85th birthday. Your life and biography, which started with emigration, was crowned with the achievement of creative heights, and continued with the activity of an intellectual of an independent state, is an amazing and instructive example of human victory and unwavering responsibility against fate, which deserves being demonstrated.

Your personal image is a unique example of modesty and politeness that commands respect. Why are you so much beloved in the Republic of Armenia? Because in your music people see and recognize themselves, their emotions and feelings, pains and joys, disappointments and dreams. Armenians consider your music as their own, they also consider you as theirs, and this is the highest possible appreciation of a creator, intellectual, citizen.

Your stories about your childhood years in Artik are unforgettable for me. In the near future, we plan to reconstruct Artik's cultural center bearing your name, implement a comprehensive program there, so that to form and develop an educational and cultural environment worthy of your name.

Dear master,

I am glad that today you continue to create with all your vigour. Congratulating you again, I wish you health and endless creative joy.

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