Congratulatory telegrams

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's congratulatory message on the occasion of March 8


Dear women,

I congratulate each and every one of you on the occasion of March 8, Women's Day. When we talk about women, we are talking about the majority of the population of the Republic of Armenia, because 53 percent of the population of the Republic of Armenia are women.

And for me, as the prime minister of the country, this day is an opportunity to once again ponder about the full involvement of women's potential in the development of our country. From the beginning, March 8 was established in the context of protecting women's labor, political, educational and other rights, and this is also the reason for this perception.

It is a priority for our government to create opportunities for the maximum involvement of women in public administration, law enforcement, security, economic, political, scientific and other spheres, because it is obvious that without the full use of this potential, the development opportunities of our country will be significantly reduced.

Today, we note with joy and pride that many women in Armenia are involved in economic activities and create value with daily creative work and pay taxes. Today, many women are involved in the law enforcement system, serve in the police and the army, and we want their number to increase, because it is in the interests of our country.

Today, many women hold high government positions. And it is also important to emphasize that the reason for their appearance in these positions is not being a woman, but being a good specialist, manager, organizer, and figure.

Women in our country must have access to high-quality education, and it is also to address this issue that we have adopted the programs of the 300 schools and the Academic City.

But with all this, the demographic problems of our country will further deepen if women are not inclined to have more and more children. This is also the reason why we adopted the 500 kindergarten program, which is only the first 500 and will allow many women to avoid the choice of "work or have a child". Also, to solve this problem, we introduced the institution of paternity leave, so that men share the responsibility of childcare more with women. Also, to solve this problem, we have created a number of programs in the field of reproduction, and these policies will continue and deepen.

Dear people, dear compatriots,

Today we pay a special tribute to the women who sacrificed their lives for the motherland, our sisters, mothers, wives, daughters of our soldiers who gave their lives for the motherland. The state, only a sovereign, developed, strong and prosperous state will become a consolation for the grief of loss, and we are going that way.

Glory to the martyrs and long live the Republic of Armenia.

Happy Women's Day!


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