Congratulatory telegrams

The Prime Minister sends congratulatory message to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a congratulatory message to Hendrikus Wilhelmus Maria Schoof, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on the occasion of his election. The message reads as follows,

"I warmly congratulate you on your election to the position of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

I am sure that many years of your experience and dedication will best guide the friendly people of the Netherlands in this historical period.

Especially in recent years the relations between Armenia and the Netherlands have entered a period of high-level political dialogue.

The continuously developing friendly relations between our states are anchored on the pillars of democratic values, protection of human rights and ensuring the rule of law.

I sincerely hope that your tenure will be marked by the further expansion of the existing political agenda and the development of cooperation in various directions.

Once again congratulating you on your election as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, I wish you peace, prosperity and new successes."


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