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PM attends My Step for Kotayk Marz investment forum

17.08.2019 - 17.08.2019

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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the My Step for Kotayk Marz investment forum in Tsakhkadzor. Addressing the forum, the Prime Minister stated, in part:

“Dear Government Members,
Dear Marz Governors,
National Assembly Members,
Diplomatic Corps Representatives,
Dear Guests,

I am pleased to greet you at the My Step for Kotayk Marz forum. I would like to note that Kotayk used to be one of the most powerful centers in industrial Armenia: Hrazdan, Charentsavan, Abovian were indeed the industrial engine of Soviet Armenia, the integral part of this force.

Today’s meeting is also a good opportunity to record that the government sees Armenia as an industrial country. This is an important finding that we must constantly make. Our actions must aim to achieve this goal. I would like to say that the Government has been in close touch with industry representatives during this time, and a priority task for us is to provide conditions conducive to higher competitiveness of our industry. It is important and refined work to do in the near future.

Why is this work refined? Because to support industry, we must be sure that we are actually implementing development and industrial strengthening policies. Kotayk Marz boasts great industrial potential. Several dedicated people have created small cells on the industrial strength of the Soviet era and I want to appreciate their work. Of course, this does not mean that we underestimate the importance of other areas.

Kotaik is a key tourist destination and tourism is the Government’s next priority. There are also high tech companies in Kotaïk and we are taking steps to develop this sector. Agriculture, too, is very important to us and Kotaïk has great development potential in this field. By saying industrial agriculture, I mean that agriculture’s efficiency should increase. I think rationality is one of the most important problems in our country.

Unfortunately, in many cases, we lack rationality in many areas, including the system of public administration. Our task is to get the best possible result for each dram invested and spent in every area, since rationality is the key to increasing the competitiveness of our economy. Discussions like this are important in terms of keeping this idea in the center of our attention.

I would like to emphasize that these forums are also very important because just as in other areas of public life, contacts and the sharing of ideas are very important in economics and politics as well, because sometimes, very often, and most importantly, ideas are refined and get even stronger when communicating with other ideas.

It is really an excellent platform, and it is very good that we continue these discussions. We will organize similar events in all regions. I wish you every success in your work; we look forward to hearing about new achievements and business programs in order to understand the way the Government can support and promote them.

I think the most important goal of our collective work should be to record such achievements that are directly related to reality and pass on the optimism that flows from these successes to people. I hope that today we will hear good news from this platform that will inspire the forum participants and all those who follow our forum through media outlets and the Internet Thank you.”

The investment potential available in Kotayk Marz was presented. A film about the region’s investment attractiveness was screened and the stories of 10 most successful businesses were presented during the conference.

A panel discussion was held, referred to as “Economic and business opportunities and investment prospects in Kotayk Marz,” attended by Deputy Minister of Economy Avag Avanesyan, Chair of the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy Susanna Safaryan, Director of Argrain Ltd Harutyun Mnatsakanyan, and Sevak Hovhannisyan, partner of EV Consulting in Armenia.

During the discussion, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan answered a number of questions of interest to forum participants. 



Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is in Tsakhkadzor on a working visit held in the frame of My Step for Kotayk Marz investment forum. The Head of Government visited a local products exhibition organized as part of the forum. The Premier viewed the exhibits and talked with business representatives on their ongoing activities, production capacities and development programs. 25 investment projects in agriculture, industry, tourism, renewable energy and other sectors were presented to forum participants.

Summarizing the proceedings of the forum, the Premier noted that the proposed investment programs evidence that Kotaik Marz is developing according to the priorities of the Armenian government.

“The first is agriculture. I meant exactly that when I talked about the industrialization of agriculture. What we have seen, in particular, about the new strawberry technology is the industrialization of agriculture. Fortunately, there are such trends in Armenia, and strawberry exports from Armenia have tripled this year. It is a very serious indicator.

Why is this indicator that important: because this process is not very much dependent on meteorological conditions. That is, it represents industrial agriculture, which is consistent with our direction. The next direction is tourism, which also introduces a new culture, and I hope successfully. We have seen here 2 hotel projects, which is a new phenomenon in Armenia, and we hope that it will succeed. We have also seen examples of processing industry, examples of technological activity, and it is very gratifying,” he said.

The Prime Minister stressed that the government has the task of promoting economic activity: “The most important role of these forums is to encourage economic activity among the largest possible number of citizens of the Republic of Armenia, as well as to show the government’s interest: our interest is not to make money for ourselves; our interest is that you could make money, and that is why we consider it our mission. Of course, when we say “make money,” we mean that it should be done legally through fair competition and justice, in general. This is perhaps the most important message we want to send to our business community. Our goal is to help you make money, get richer and enrich others: not us, but the country, the state, the nation,” Nikol Pashinyan concluded.

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