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PM briefed on progress in state-subsidized programs in Kotayk Marz

17.11.2019 - 17.11.2019

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Today Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan paid a working visit to Kotayk Marz of Armenia to inspect the pace of the government-communities-co-financed subsidy programs.

The Premier’s visit started in Yeghvard community. Nikol Pashinyan first called at Zovuni where a subvention program for construction of a drinking water-main is being implemented. Those responsible for the project noted that a 1.5 km-long bypass water line is being built to provide uninterrupted water supply to Zovuni residents. Drinking water is supplied only one hour per day to some districts in Zovuni. The project is nearing completion.

Then the head of government monitored the overhaul of the bridge leading from Yeghvard to Ashtarak. The program is supported by the state budget. The Prime Minister was informed that dismantling work is underway, supports and beams will be built this year, and the project is planned to be completed next year.

Addressing the developer’s representative, Nikol Pashinyan emphasized that all construction activities should be carried out in line with high quality standards otherwise it will not be accepted. He urged the executives to provide builders with proper service uniforms.

“This culture of wearing old home clothing should be changed, the culture of wearing a service uniform has to be developed, because this is respect for the worker and his work,” the Prime Minister noted.

Then Prime Minister Pashinyan visited kindergarten number 2 in Yeghvard, which is being repaired as part of the subvention program. The head of government got acquainted with the ongoing work. It was noted that the kindergarten is fully renovated, as a result of the work, the kindergarten will be able to host 12 groups - about 300 children.

The Prime Minister also met with residents gathered in the courtyard of the kindergarten, talked to them, answered questions of interest to them about jobs, agriculture, education, the development of science, presented micro-business, agriculture, revitalization programs in the regions and villages, and a number of programs. governments in other areas, and encouraged them to take the initiative and make personal efforts to achieve results.

Then Nikol Pashinyan visited the kindergarten - art school of Zoravan village in Yeghvard community. Those responsible said that the existing kindergarten will be moved to a nearby building which has been renovated, and an art school will operate in its place. As a result, there will be one more kindergarten operating in Zoravan, and 44 children from Zoravan who attend Yeghvard Art School will attend the Zoravan Art School instead of going to Yeghvard.

The Premier was told that the external reconstruction of the kindergarten and the art school shall be complete by this yearend, followed by interior decoration activities. The institutions will be completely renovated and fully equipped with new furniture. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized that construction work should be of adequate quality, from the documentary level to construction, and added that the governors are personally responsible for the quality and content of the subvention programs.

Pleased with the programs, the head of government touched on the issue of what is changing in people’s lives: “We are often asked about the promised change in people’s life. The parents of a child who goes to Yeghvard Art School from Zoravan had to pay the child’s travel costs three times a week, while now the child will attend the Art School in Zoravan. Is this not a change for the better? This is a real change in people’s life.”

Nikol Pashinyan emphasized the importance of investing in educational programs on the part of entrepreneurs working abroad. “We need to discuss with community leaders and businessmen the possibility of investing in community development and education improvement programs. You need to understand that the formula of a better life in the 21st century is to have a good education.

The essence of the subvention program is that it is invested from the community budget, and the government allocates money from the state budget. We can also co-finance subvention programs with businessmen from villages and communities who live abroad and want to help and implement such projects in different communities. That is why we have set forth the slogan “Armenia is my home, people are my family” so that we can go beyond the framework of local thinking. Every part of the country is equally our homeland,” the Premier said.

Nor Yerznka community was the Premier’s next port of call, where he got acquainted with the pace of state-subsidized gasification and asphalting programs. The Prime Minister was informed that as a result of the work, Yerznka district will be fully gasified; the launch is scheduled for the end of this month. The head of government toured the community to get acquainted with the results of asphalting works. He visited Verin Yerznka district, where asphalting has been implemented for the first time since 1965 to co-finance the community and the government. It was noted that as part of the subvention program this year, all the streets of the quarter were paved, and the asphalting of roads was completed in mid-October.

The head of the community advised that the road is the only one leading to the nearby Tsakhkevank Monastery, and therefore, it is important from the perspective of tourism. During a visit to Nor Yerznka, seeing scrap metal and the construction of old cars, the Prime Minister spoke about the situation with the recycling of metal scrap in the republic, discussed ways of tackling the problem with local residents and emphasized the importance of joint efforts to be made by the government, local authorities and citizens.

On the way from Nor Yerznky to Nor Hajn, Nikol Pashinyan got acquainted with the process of reconstruction of the Yeghvard transport hub-Ashtarak bypass road and the intermediate results of the work. It was noted that out of 12.7 km. 4 km were repaired, which was planned for this year, and by the end of the year this part of the road will be put into operation. It is planned to begin repairing the rest of the road in the spring of 2020.

Arriving in Nor Hajn, the Prime Minister first went to the residential building where a tragic incident occurred yesterday: a 77-year-old grandmother and four of her grandchildren died of carbon monoxide intoxication. Nikol Pashinyan called at the church of St. Hovhannes in Nor Achin and lit candles for the repose of their souls.

Prime Minister Pashinyan drew the attention of citizens to the importance of servicing domestic gas equipment, urging them to invite relevant specialists, check the internal alarm systems, make sure that the equipment is working, and only after that use gas.

The head of government visited the community sports school, where major repairs are currently underway as part of the subvention program. It was noted that after major repairs, the school will serve both the community and two neighboring schools that do not have gyms. Work will be carried out on water supply, electricity and gas supply, the introduction of a ventilation system, the improvement of the interior and exterior, the improvement of the territory and other works.

At the end of his visit to Kotayk Marz, on the way to Yerevan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Northern Bus Station, toured the premises to get acquainted with investment opportunities.

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