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Nikol Pashinyan inspects road rehabilitation activities in Sis village; PM attends new kindergarten opening ceremony in Ranchpar community

03.12.2019 - 03.12.2019

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The request addressed to the Prime Minister by Samvel Hovhannisyan, a 10-year-old resident of Sis village (Ararat Marz) has become a reality. A few months ago, he asked Prime Minister Pashinyan to pave the main road in the village.

The Premier today traveled to Sis to get acquainted with the work done so far. 153, 6 million drams were allocated from the state budget for the repair of the 2.4 km long H12 road of regional importance.

“We now have a road, and together with the head of the community we will build the village of our dream using community funds. I raised the issue of this road because it was a global problem for the village, so we addressed our dear Mr. Pashinyan and now we see the result. This road was such a big problem: the villagers used to talk about it, and I learned it from the elders. I will not ask the Prime Minister for anything else, we will do the rest. We have many plans,” 10-year-old Samvel said.

The Prime Minister next visited Ranchpar community, where he attended the opening ceremony of the new kindergarten. The kindergarten was built with the funds of Mamikon Karapetyan, a philanthropist living in Russia. 8 jobs will be available in the kindergarten which meets all modern standards and is equipped with new furniture. The kindergarten will have one group with 25-28 children.

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