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PM visits Tskuk and Angeghakot communities in Syunik Marz

29.08.2020 - 29.08.2020

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Accompanied by Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures Suren Papikyan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today traveled to Syunik Marz of Armenia. As promised earlier this year, the Premier first called at Tskuk, and then he headed to Angeghakot community.

Arriving in Tskuk community, the Prime Minister talked to the locals and took note of their concerns relating to animal husbandry, meat and milk procurement. He was asked to help build a new kindergarten in the community.

Nikol Pashinyan gave relevant instructions to Minister Suren Papikyan and Syunik Governor Hunan Poghosyan, asking them to submit proposals for solving the problems. He was told that work is already underway to this end. Due to be implemented under a subvention program in the frame of state-community cooperation, the kindergarten project will be launched next year.

Nikol Pashinyan left Tskuk for Angeghakot. The rehabilitation of the main community road was raised during a short meeting held with Angeghakot residents. Governor Hunan Poghosyan advised that design and cost-estimate work is already underway. The road will be rebuilt under a co-funded subvention program.

The Prime Minister told the residents that he was leaving for Artsakh on a working visit, and promised to visit Angeghakot again after a while.

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