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The Prime Minister gets acquainted with the construction works of medical facilities, schools, kindergartens, and highways in Vayots Dzor Province


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During his visit to Vayots Dzor Province, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited several communities and got acquainted with the construction course of medical facilities, schools, kindergartens, highways being implemented with subsidy and other programs.

The Prime Minister was first presented with the construction process of the regional hospital in the city of Yeghegnadzor. Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan noted that the new building of the hospital is being built by the order of the Health Project Implementation Unit state agency of the Ministry of Health, within the framework of the "Disease Prevention and Control" loan program financed by the World Bank. The contract sum is 2 billion AMD. The hospital building is being constructed and will be equipped in accordance with modern healthcare requirements. Surgical (10 beds), therapeutic (8), pediatric (6), infectious (2), obstetrics and gynecological (10), resuscitation (5) departments will operate in "Vayots Dzor Regional Hospital".

Next, the Prime Minister visited Yeghegnadzor Primary School No. 1, the construction of which has already been completed. Nikol Pashinyan toured the school and familiarized himself with the completed works. It was noted that the new building was built on the order of the Armenian Territorial Development Fund and with loan funds provided by the Asian Bank under the "Seismic Safety Improvement Program". The contract sum is 1 billion 228 million AMD.

The construction of the new school building started in 2019. The school has elementary and middle school buildings. There will be biology, physics, chemistry, foreign languages, fine arts, chess cabinets, a sports hall meeting international standards with a dressing room, and a storage room. The school has an elevator, bathrooms, toilets, a spacious yard.
With the operation of the new building, the studies of 577 students and the work of 53 teachers will take place in favorable conditions in an earthquake-resistant building.

Nikol Pashinyan also visited the former building of the school, talked with the students and teaching staff. The latter thanked the government for the construction of the new school building and for providing favorable conditions for learning.

Prime Minister Pashinyan visited the computed tomography center in Yeghegnadzor, which is still under construction. Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan noted that a computed tomography device was installed in the medical center, which will be put into operation soon. The capacity of the device is 64 SLAYS, the cost is approximately 250 thousand euros. 28 million AMD is allocated for the repair of the room of the computed tomography device.

The medical center will serve the population of the region. The latter will not have to go to the capital in order to undergo computed tomography. 165 people work in Yeghegnadzor Medical Center. The medical center continues to be equipped with new and modern equipment.

The next stop of the Head of the Government was in the Malishka settlement of the Yeghegnadzor community, where he was presented with the asphalt paving works of the intra-community streets. It was reported that the road section paved in 2022 is located on the 8th street of Malishka village, on the road leading to secondary school #1.

Within the framework of the subsidy programs, a 1 km section of the mentioned street was paved in 2022, and since 2019, a total of 3 km of road sections have been paved in Malishka. Last year, the cost of the works amounted to 145 million AMD, of which almost 66 million AMD were allocated by the Government and the rest by the community.

Prime Minister Pashinyan visited the Getap community, where the reconstructed inter-community highway was presented. Here, in front of the school, on the new road, an overpass highly needed by the population is also being built. The Prime Minister also talked with the local residents and got acquainted with their problems.

The Head of the Government was then presented with the construction works of a hotel complex consisting of two buildings by the "Tavitian Vineyards" company. It was reported that the first building containing 20 rooms will be ready in August 2023, the construction of the second building containing 50 rooms will be completed by January 2024. It is also planned to establish a winery, the design of which is in progress. 3 billion AMD have already been invested in the project.

The company established 12 hectares of vineyards in the Gladzor community of Vayots Dzor Province, with endemic grape varieties - Areni and Voskehat; another 10 hectares are planned to be established by 2024.

Next, Prime Minister Pashinyan familiarized himself with the overhaul works of the H41-M2 highway, the 8.1 km long road leading to the Noravank monastery complex. The cost of the project is estimated at 533 million AMD. The funds were allocated from the state budget. It is expected that the newly constructed road will become an incentive for attracting new flows of tourists to Noravank.

Prime Minister Pashinyan also visited the monastery complex, lit a candle and talked with a group of tourists.

Then, Nikol Pashinyan visited the Areni settlement, where he got acquainted with the progress of the construction works of the kindergarten, which is under construction. The project is implemented by "JHM-ARMENIA" Development Fund. The kindergarten is designed for 120 children. The contract sum is 577 million 160 thousand AMD. Currently, there are 115 children of kindergarten age in the village, and there was no kindergarten in Areni until now.

The Prime Minister thanked the managers of the Foundation for implementing such an important project and supporting preschool education.

Prime Minister Pashinyan's last stop was in Chiva settlement, where he got acquainted with the progress of the construction works of the new school. New modular schools are being built in Yeghegis, Chiva and Gomk settlements of Vayots Dzor Province by the program implementation office of the Urban Development Committee by the order of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.

The estimated cost of the construction of the new school building of the Chiva settlement is 713 million AMD. There are 66 students studying in the school, the number of teachers is 21.

Modular schools are single-story structures that must meet seismic and safety standards, as well as be equipped with the necessary equipment to meet the educational, cultural, sports, and recreational needs of the community's students.

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