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The Prime Minister gets acquainted with the progress of construction of roads, schools, kindergartens and other projects in Armavir Province


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, within the framework of his visit to Armavir Province, got acquainted with the progress of projects implemented with government funding and subsidy programs in several local communities.

The first stop of the Prime Minister was in the city of Armavir, where he got acquainted with the progress of the overhaul of the department of infectious disease of the local medical center. The works started last year and are expected to be completed in August this year. The program is implemented with funds allocated by the government. In particular, 151 million AMD were allocated from the state budget.

Next, the Prime Minister went to the Vanand settlement, where the private sector representatives are carrying out works on the establishment of an intensive almond orchard and the construction of a reservoir. The program was launched in 2019. "Vanand Agro" company acquired 800 hectares of land, on which a 360-hectare intensive almond orchard has already been established. A reservoir with a capacity of 100,000 cubic meters was also built. It is planned to build the second reservoir in the near future and continue the works of establishing the orchard. The investment program is estimated at 10 billion AMD. The Prime Minister welcomed the initiative and noted that the Government encourages the programs and projects implemented in the direction of modern agriculture.

Prime Minister Pashinyan made unplanned stops in Nor Kesaria community, where he talked with farmers, listened to their problems and answered questions. Nikol Pashinyan urged to make use of the programs implemented by the Government and to start establishing intensive orchards, which will significantly increase efficiency and save water. The Prime Minister noted that the Government will also carry out the necessary consultation.

From here, the Head of the Government visited the Sardarapat village, during the tour he got acquainted with the progress of the repair works of the local kindergarten. Construction works that started last year are planned to be completed in September. The project implemented under the subsidy program is estimated at 215 million AMD. The kindergarten will be able to receive 120 children.

Then the Prime Minister visited the Metsamor community, where he got acquainted with the works of replacing the elevators of residential buildings carried out within the framework of subsidy programs. It was reported that 5 elevators in 5 buildings were replaced within the scope of the project. The cost of the project was 474 million AMD. The Prime Minister used the elevator and talked with the residents. The latter expressed their satisfaction and noted that such work has not been done in Metsamor for decades.

Nikol Pashinyan's next stop was in Khoy community. Here, the Head of the Government got acquainted with the activities of the Citizens' Service Office, inquired about the services provided.

Next, the Prime Minister made a stop at the Metsamor-Khoy section of the M-5 interstate road, where the road construction projects implemented by the Road Department Fund in Armavir region were presented. Their value is estimated at 1 billion 391 million AMD. It was noted that in the current year, it is planned to overhaul 38 km of roads in Armavir Province.

The Prime Minister visited the Tsaghkalanj settlement, where the reconstruction of the drinking water line was recently completed within the framework of subsidy programs. The cost of the project was 97 million AMD. A 7 km long water line has been reconstructed, the number of households using the water supply system is 340. The local residents thanked the Prime Minister and noted that there was no 24-hour supply of drinking water in the village for the last few decades.

The Head of the Government then visited the city of Etchmiadzin. During the tour he first got acquainted with the progress of construction of the new gymnasium and ceremony hall of Yervand Otyan primary school No. 7. The construction started last year and will be completed in August. The total cost of the project is 271 million AMD, the funds were provided by the Government. The school has 606 students.

In Etchmiadzin, Prime Minister Pashinyan also got acquainted with the repair works of the 1.7 km long sidewalks of Tigran the Great and Grigor Lusavorich streets, which have already been completed. Within the framework of the subsidy program, 181 million AMD were invested for the repair works.

In Jrarat settlement, Nikol Pashinyan was presented with the progress of the construction work of the weightlifting sports school named after Simon Martirosyan, the world and European weightlifting champion, vice-champion of the Olympic Games. Construction works of the sports school are in the final stage, it is planned that it will be commissioned in September. The government allocated 394 million AMD for the implementation of the project.

The last stop of the Prime Minister was in the Baghramyan settlement, where the Head of the Government got acquainted with the works of paving the street with tuff within the framework of subsidy programs. The total cost of the project is 138 million AMD. The Prime Minister highlighted projects of paving of streets and sidewalks in different settlements. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized the need for effective and quality implementation of all programs implemented in communities.

In various communities, the Prime Minister also paid tribute to the memory of the Armenians who sacrificed their lives for the Motherland in the 44-day war.

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