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The Prime Minister gets acquainted with the progress of the programs implemented in the communities in Tavush Province


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, within the framework of his visit to Tavush Province, got acquainted with the progress of programs implemented with government funding and subsidy programs in several local communities.

The first stop of the Prime Minister was in the enlarged community of Berd, where he got acquainted with the repairs of the internal drinking water network of the village of Tavush. The total cost of the project was 73,683,410 AMD, of which 55,078,387 AMD was allocated from the state budget. As a result of the performed works, 24-hour water supply is ensured in the village.

Next, the Prime Minister familiarized himself with the completed works of the 2 km road leading to the Kolagir camp in Berd region, the total cost of which was 281,000,000 AMD. The funds were provided from the state budget.

In Berd’s H. Adamyan-G. Nzhdeh streets tuff and basalt paving works were carried out under the subsidy program. The total cost of the project is 287 million AMD, including co-financing from the state budget of 200 million 900 thousand AMD.

Choratan’s stadium was also built in Berd community and Mkhitaryan Youth Center was renovated. The stadium was built with the funds of Sos Martirosyan from Choratan, the Mkhitaryan Youth Center was renovated with 80% co-financing of the Canadian-Armenian Yalkezian Foundation and 20% of the Armenian Mkhitaryan Center. The Head of the Government visited the newly built stadium, the youth center. Painting, art, and sports groups are organized here for children. Nikol Pashinyan thanked for the government-community-business community effective cooperation, thanks to which an active cultural and sports life is ensured in the region. According to the Prime Minister, thanks to this, visits become more valuable and more important. Nikol Pashinyan expressed his willingness to build the stadium's dressing rooms, and equip the center with the necessary equipment with the support of the Government․

"Dear attendees, first of all, thank you for this atmosphere and this mood. I am thankful for that life is so well organized in Choratan village and the children have the opportunity for extracurricular education in addition to school education, and that is very commendable. This is what we want to see. There is also a very active sports and cultural life, and the stadium was opened today. In the near future, we hope that other sports infrastructures will be created, also in all computer and craft areas, and this is very gratifying. And we note the following: these children, like their parents, live here and should live here, and our greatest desire is that the children, even in the most remote villages, have the same opportunity for education and career as, for example, they have in Yerevan or abroad. The 21st century gives that opportunity, you can achieve great success in the fields of science and culture, but also live in your birthplace, your region, your homeland. And for this opportunity I am very grateful and I also hope that we see future champions here, we see very famous artists, we see very successful cultural groups. We have to develop the logic of that life every day, every hour," said the Prime Minister.

Next, Nikol Pashinyan went to Berd’s Park of Heros, where improvement works have started. It is planned to allocate 44,294,000 AMD for the project, of which 24,361,700 AMD will be co-financed from the state budget. The Prime Minister laid flowers at the monument of heroes who died in the 44-day war, paying tribute to their memory.

The Prime Minister also familiarized himself with the progress of the major repair works of the Ttujur-Navur national highway. The total cost of the project is 6 billion AMD. The length of the road is 40 km, of which 25 km is in Tavush Province. The works have already started and are scheduled to be completed in 2024.



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