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We have decided to go for adjustment of these sections of the border not only for the sake of the Republic of Armenia, but also to specifically ensure the security of Voskepar and Kirants villages. Prime Minister

18.03.2024 - 18.03.2024

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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited Tavush region. In Voskepar, the Prime Minister met the local resident, as well as the residents of Baghanis, and then visited Kirants village. Nikol Pashinyan referred to the border delimitation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In his speech in Voskepar, the Prime Minister said: "As we previously agreed, I said that when there are practical problems to be solved with your settlement, I will come and discuss and talk with you personally. What practical matter have I come to discuss with you? The problem is that the process of delimitation and demarcation between Armenia and Azerbaijan is entering the practical stage. What does delimitation and demarcation mean in general, and specifically in the case of the Republic of Armenia? It means to go and locate on the ground where the Republic of Armenia begins. We all know, you know better than me where it starts or where it ends, it's the same thing, no matter which way you look at the Republic of Armenia."

The Prime Minister showed the sketch of Armenia to the audience and noted that it is the Republic of Armenia which we all know. "The delimitation and demarcation process is as follows. the delimitation commissions should go and decide on the spot where the Republic of Armenia begins, and that should become the state border between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Why are we referring to this section and why have we come to discuss this issue with Voskepar specifically? Because there are some issues that we need to discuss. We note the following: we see that we can start a real process of delimitation and demarcation in this section from Baghanis to Berkaber.

What's special here? You know that Azerbaijan is talking about 4 villages, it’s about the 4 non-enclave villages. You know we are talking about 31 villages. We raise this issue, they raise that issue. And when we want to move forward in these discussions, even if we rely on the logic that we have 31 settlements in a problematic situation, while Azerbaijan has less, Azerbaijan uses such an argument that the actual territory of none of the settlements of the Republic of Armenia is under the control of Azerbaijan. that is, the residential area of the village is not under the control of Azerbaijan. What do they say? They say: let's mutually free the territories of the settlements, then discuss and talk about the vital areas of the villages and settlements.

Of course, we bring counter arguments, we say that the village is not only the village administration, the village is also its vital areas, I mean, during those discussions, we bring all the arguments, and those arguments are fair. Our policy is that we must not allow war, we must not allow war to start. And this is also the reason why we have decided to adjust the border of the Republic of Armenia in these areas and we are doing it not only for the sake of the Republic of Armenia, but also specifically for the village of Voskepar, the village of Kirants, in order to ensure the security of these villages," said the Prime Minister.

Next, the Prime Minister answered many questions of residents, which were related to delimitation and demarcation, infrastructure, possible problems and their solutions. The Prime Minister noted that all the questions and considerations raised will be taken into account.

An agreement was reached that the representatives of Voskepar and Kirants settlements will meet regularly with the members of the Committee on Border Delimitation and Border Security to share information about the process and discuss existing issues.

A consultation was held in Tavush regional administration under the leadership of the Prime Minister, during which the issues raised in the meetings with the residents and the further steps towards their solution were discussed. Nikol Pashinyan gave relevant instructions to the officials, emphasizing the need for a full solution of infrastructure and other problems.

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