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PM: “Cooperation between authorities and society is the key to solving the problem of COVID-19”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held another briefing after today’s regular meeting of the Commandant’s Office.

The Prime Minister noted that civilian police officers will be involved in the work to monitor compliance with anti-epidemic rules. “We will involve civilian policemen in the process of controlling observance of anti-epidemic rules. They will not act personally, but will invite police officers on duty nearby who will come and penalize those who violate the prescribed rules,” Nikol Pashinyan said, stressing that coronavirus mainly spreads in yards and neighborhoods in Armenia. “Infection is mainly spread in courtyards and neighborhoods. In this regard, the police have been conducting intensive patrols in the yards for several days in order to prevent violations of the anti-epidemic rules,” the Prime Minister said. According to the head of government, a high level of compliance with anti-epidemic rules in the yards should be achieved.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, cooperation between authorities and society is the key to solving the problem of COVID-19. “I do not blame the citizens. I am trying to help citizens, myself and the government, and this is our common task. We need to better understand our situation and the root causes behind complications. Our task is to diagnose the problem in order to be able to solve it,” the Premier emphasized.

Nikol Pashinyan said the Commandant’s Office is looking into the reasons for the lack of coordination in the actions of the authorities and daily work is being done to address the problems so that the system could work as efficiently as possible.

“My main thesis on this issue remains as follows: this problem can be solved only through large-scale cooperation between the authorities and society. Coronavirus took by surprise the most developed countries. Our main asset and the main problem is that we are working 100% transparently.

We do not hide or soften our omissions, our mistakes, our failures. We want to correctly diagnose our situation in order to find the right solutions. The effectiveness of our actions should increase, and the discipline of our citizens should also increase. We urge all citizens to cooperate with us and express gratitude to all those who have complied with the prescribed anti-epidemic rules,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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