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Statement by Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan on Armenia’s internal political situation


During the past week several demonstrations and marches were held in Yerevan. Everyone in our country has the right to peaceful demonstrations and marches. The authorities respected that right and will continue to respect it.

Unfortunately, these public meetings were often held in breach of the law, getting unnecessary and anarchic manifestations as reported in numerous statements issued by the Police.

The developments are fraught with unpredictable consequences, endanger the public order, and can undermine the complex and subtle harmony of Armenian society.

Each of us must remember that besides him, there are other citizens of Armenia who are not less proud of their civic stance; who live, learn, work and rest in this country. Our country’s social harmony should be based on cohesion and tolerance.

I am deeply concerned about the inner-political developments. In order to avoid irreparable losses, I am urging National Assembly member Nikol Pashinyan to accept our call of political dialogue and joint the table of negotiations. It should be done immediately.

I am confident that all the political forces of our country can contribute to the launch of such a dialogue adequate to the situation.

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