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Acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s Statement at Extraordinary Cabinet Meeting


Dear Colleagues,

All of us are well aware of what is going on in the country. We are in a situation when we have to find a solution. Therefore, I recommend and instruct as follows to all executive bodies, ministries and agencies, government officials: everyone in our country expects that we will continue our uninterrupted work. There should be no breakdown in this work, and it should be the most important test of maturity for our statehood. I am sure that we will live up to the task.

I am asking the Defense Minister and all our servicemen to be on the watch. I am asking the law enforcement officers to show the greatest possible vigilance, keep track of legitimacy and public order.

Political developments should not have any impact on the normal course of life. I appeal to all our citizens, all political forces to be highly vigilant, abide by the law and show respect for the rights of other citizens.

As you may know, a meeting was held today with President Armen Sarkissian, after which we issued a statement.

Tomorrow is April 24. It is an extremely important day for us, and I call on all political forces to refrain from politicizing it and commemorate the day in a dignified manner.

We are facing a problem and we must show the world that we can unite, gather, negotiate, and find logical solutions at critical moments. Thank you.

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