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Joint appeal by secular and spiritual leaders of Armenia and Artsakh on the occasion of April 24


Dear Compatriots,

Tomorrow, the whole Armenian nation will commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide on all continents of the globe together with progressive mankind. April 24 is a sacred and universal day for all Armenians and civilized mankind. Armenians cannot hurt one another on that day.

For over a hundred years, this day has been a day of unity, a day of remembrance and mourning against the crime committed by Turkey, and a day of protest against those who keep denying the Genocide.

Let us pay tribute to our ancestors’ memory and care for the future of our nation with dignity and honor. Let us maintain and foster the world’s support and solidarity with us on April 24, as the international community commemorates the victims and remembers those who helped the survivors.

Today, we, the sons of survivors, are bound by duty to mobilize our people around the national ideals, deal with the internal problems together in a spirit of dialogue and understanding, boost the nation’s creative forces, create a dynamically developing modern Armenia, which will be a credit to all Armenians around the world, capable of defending the legitimate rights of the Armenian people.

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