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Karen Karapetyan: “The positive indicators stated in the first quarter of 2018 should be maintained and improved”


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A Cabinet sitting was held today, chaired by acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. Karen Karapetyan gave a number of instructions before discussing the agenda issues.

“The positive indicators stated in the first quarter of 2018 should be maintained and improved,” the Acting Prime Minister said and instructed the heads of executive agencies and the Marz governors to continue working consistently and maintain the normal functioning of the Government.

Karen Karapetyan referred to the maintenance and enforcement of public order and rules. “Public order and rules must be respected, at the same time, it is important to stress the need for tolerance during mass demonstrations and processions,” the Acting Prime Minister said, suggesting that the law enforcement authorities should take measures to ensure the respect of public order on all sides and show tolerance during rallies and demonstrations.

The Government approved the concept of alternative energy accumulation and management in the Republic of Armenia. The concept outlines the Government’s vision of developing accumulative stations and building up capacity in the field of alternative energy.

The document will be a strong impetus for attracting investments which, in turn, will raise the level of energy security in Armenia. It is proposed to build and put into operation the first (pilot) power plant in order to introduce accumulative power stations in Armenia’s energy system, get operational experience and accurately assess their economic efficiency.

By another decision, the Government approved the unified tariff for electricity produced by solar power plants, which has been formed as a result of an international competition.

“We have set an unprecedented tariff of 4.19 cents. Today, there is no such low tariff applicable in the world, which means that solar energy may be developed with great speed in Armenia,” Acting Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Ashot Manukyan said.

He noted that according to the concept, it is envisaged to build an accumulator station in Armenia by the end of this year with a cumulative capacity of 14 MW, which is the 10th such facility in the world. “In other words, Armenia will enter into the top ten to have developed advanced solar technologies in their countries,” the Acting Minister said.

Coming to the adopted decisions, Karen Karapetyan considered them a revolution in the energy sector. “Armenia is among the best in terms of solar resources. And with the use of this accumulative technology, we will change our energy security and dependence from other energy resources in the coming years. In terms of solar energy, Armenia is among the most developed countries today,” the Acting Prime Minister said, adding that the proposed tariff is lower than the one established for the energy produced by small HPPs. Karen Karapetyan also said that the Ministry had been tasked to revise and update the 2036 energy development program.

The Government approved the draft resolution of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia “On approving the annual State Budget Report of the Republic of Armenia for 2017.” Accordingly, the annual revenue for the year 2017 was AMD 1,237,780,767.4 thousand, expenditures - 1,504,802,229.8 thousand drams, budget deficit - 267,021,462.4 thousand drams.

By the Government’s decision, from the Government’s Reserve Fund money will be allocated to regional administrations to recover the damage caused by natural disasters, gas cylinder explosion, and assist the affected communities.

The Government amended the decision “On approving the forms of State registration certificates of civil status, their samples and other forms of documents confirming the State registration of civil acts.” Accordingly, it is recommended to place a Quick Response Code (QR code) or a check number on civil registration certificates that will make it possible to verify online the validity of the Civil Status Registration Certificate, which will result in reduced administration.

All agenda items were discussed and approved during the meeting.

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