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Nikol Pashinyan: “Armenia faces the challenge of converting the impossible into reality, and the NSS should become a pillar in that process”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced newly appointed National Security Service Director Arthur Vanetsyan to the leadership of the National Security Service.

In his speech, the Prime Minister outlined the tasks that should be prioritized by the NSS.

“The first task is to implement serious changes in the system of counterintelligence, so that it might get even stronger. In general, intelligence should be brought to a new level in order to ensure the country’s security interests.

The next thing I want to emphasize is the fight against corruption. Today, we do not have a unified entity to combat corruption in the Republic of Armenia.

I think this function should be carried out by the National Security Service. The problem is very clear: regardless of his or her position, any corrupt official who takes a bribe or makes decisions in the interest of a clan should not sleep quietly at night, because corruption is the “cancer” that has been wearing Armenia’s blood out for many years. Armenia faces the challenge of converting the impossible into reality, and the NSS should become a pillar in that process,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Head of Government underlined that in cooperation with other agencies, the National Security Service should rule out customs abuses and smuggling.

“In general, we need to create a situation in the customs sphere that will become a factor not a barrier to business development. The National Security Service should no longer act as a tool to persecute political opponents, since we are opening up a new chapter in the history of the Republic of Armenia, and we need to provide a climate of solidarity, maintain the spirit of optimism in Armenian citizens and in the Armenian nation so that we achieve equality for all, and protect human rights,” the Premier noted.

Nikol Pashinyan thanked former NSS Director Georgy Kutoyan and the NSS staff for doing their best during the recent political developments.

“The whole world, without exaggeration, is surprised and amazed at how political processes and transformations could go on without a single drop of blood, in fact, without serious clashes, without sacrifice and, in general, how come we were able to abide by an atmosphere of love and solidarity rather than one of revenge after such drastic political changes. I am convinced that each of us has made a contribution to this process and, in this regard, the contribution of NSS is not secondary,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Noting that newly appointed NSS Director Artur Vanetsyan is not a newcomer to the system, Nikol Pashinyan expressed the hope that the National Security Service would unite the formalized and legally binding goals and objectives, and people would start to think of the NSS not as an entity to be afraid of, but as a body that provides the security of the Republic of Armenia and its people.

Georgy Kutoyan congratulated Artur Vanetsyan, the newly appointed director of the National Security Service, and expressed confidence that his activity would be aimed at strengthening of the national security system.

In turn, Mr. Vanetsyan thanked the Prime Minister for confidence and assured that the NSS will do everything to justify the expectations of citizens.

Nikol Pashinyan wished the system staff good service and every success. “In general, our strategic vector should be aimed at maintaining today’s atmosphere of national unity. It does not imply at all that we all should agree on everything. This means that we must have one priority, all of us should strive to develop the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Artsakh and the Armenian nation. This is a historic opportunity for all of us without exception, and we must make every effort to use it effectively. We often missed historical opportunities in the past, and we must make sure that this is not the case this time, and I am convinced that this will not happen thanks to your service,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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