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Nikol Pashinyan receives ADB Country Director


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Today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Asian Development Bank (ADB) Country Director Shane Rosenthal.

The Prime Minister highly valued Asian Development Bank’s commitment to developing infrastructure and public administration in Armenia. “I hope that continued cooperation will help us enhance the level of public confidence in loan spending efficiency through joint efforts. I understand that the Asian Development Bank advocates transparency, which means that there are no impediments whatsoever to further cooperation,” the Premier said, stressing the importance of increased effectiveness in the implementation of joint programs. Nikol Pashinyan assured that his government will honor Armenia’s international commitments.

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that the democratic processes underway in our country will encourage our international partners to support democratic development, anticorruption campaign, and address other problems in Armenia.

Congratulating Nikol Pashinyan on his election as Prime Minister, Shane Rosenthal noted that ADB will continue to support Armenia’s development. The ADB Country Director briefed the Premier on the programs implemented in cooperation with the Government of Armenia with a view to developing infrastructures, public governance, healthcare, education and other spheres.

The interlocutors touched upon the construction of the North-South Highway, the fight against monopolies, the new government’s priorities and other issues of topical concern.

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