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Prime Minister hosts graduates from border communities


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hosted over 100 graduates from border communities at his governmental private residence.

The Premier congratulated the graduates on the Last Bell and wished them every success in the future. “Our velvet revolution has a very important slogan, which has been repeatedly chanted by our citizens: “We are the masters of our country. This site has been set up to serve high-ranking government officials, but we deemed it necessary for you to celebrate your festivities here as the demonstration of the fact that we are serving you. Our greatest challenge is to do everything to make you feel every day that you live in a better country, in a better homeland,” Nikol Pashinyan emphasized.

The Premier said education is the key to tackling our country’s problems. “Please, do not underestimate your scholarship. Education, mutual respect and continued increase in educational qualification are a priority in this new Armenia. I urge you to keep striving to an even higher intellectual level day after day. The learning process should never stop, not for even a wink,” the Prime Minister said.

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