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Nikol Pashinyan: “The breath of revolution should be felt in the field of State control”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced newly appointed Head of State Control Service Davit Sanasaryan to the service staff.

The Prime Minister noted that the State Control Service has a wide range of statutory powers and expressed the hope that Davit Sanasaryan’s activities will be effective.

“The main task of the Service is to keep under control the efficiency of government expenditure, the enforcement and implementation of government decisions and Prime Minister’s assignments and recommendations, including in the fight against corruption. I am convinced that the State Control Service will play an important role in achieving our political objective: eradicating corruption in Armenia. This is a very important issue and is interrelated with the efficiency of public expenditure and the implementation of decisions,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Head of Government noted that in order to achieve fast results, one should firstly be able to make the right decisions and, secondly to implement them. The Prime Minister stressed the need for boosting State revenues, noting that tangible and noticeable changes should be made in Armenia.

“David Sanasaryan is one of the active participants and leaders of the non-violent, velvet, popular revolution in Armenia. I think that the breath of revolution should also be felt in the sphere of State control. Mr. Sanasaryan, I wish you good luck. People expect tangible impact of us, and we should not disappoint them in any way,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

David Sanasaryan thanked the Premier for high trust, noting that he was honored to participate in the rebuilding of statehood foundations in Armenia.

“Serious activities will be carried out in line with the powers stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, and I can assure you that the State will only benefit from it. The main mission of this newly established supervisory service is to watch over the enforcement of the Government’s and Prime Minister’s decisions and assignments, facilitate the effective use of State funds, detect and eliminate corruption, which is important, and our citizens are just waiting for it,” David Sanasaryan said, adding that his service will be keep focus on the efficiency of public agencies, providing new quality in citizen-State relations, and finally, ensuring transparency in the investigation of cases of public concern.

Summing up, Prime Minister Pashinyan attached importance to the accurate interpretation of all assignments and orders. “Executive orders and instructions are often given wide, improvised interpretations that do not have anything to do with the point at issue. Our political statements are often or sometimes misinterpreted. In particular, we have said, we say and will continue to say that there will be no vendettas in Armenia. In the meantime, many interpret it as a “green light” for continued adverse traditions. This record is very important: we have carried out a revolution of love and solidarity, but if anyone happens to interpret it as a weakness, he will feel the power of our revolution, the state, and the law. That is, nobody should try to interpret our positivism as a weakness. This is a very important statement, and let no one be tempted to try whether this posture can impose weakness and tolerance in any way,” the Prime Minister said.

Nikol Pashinyan assured that anyone who may try to keep the Republic of Armenia and its people in the swamp of corruption, arbitrariness and illegitimacy, will be inflicted a fatal counterblow.

“The State Control Service must also provide this very environment. But on the other hand, I do not want to fall into the other extreme and create the so-called atmosphere of “terror.” I am sorry that I have to say these things because some are trying to interpret the logic of love and solidarity, our positivism and our wide smiles as a weakness. I think it somewhat funny. We must clearly formulate our goals and undertake quick and efficient steps to that effect,” the Premier said, wishing success to the State Control Service.

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