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Nikol Pashinyan, Piotr Świtalski discuss EU-Armenia relations


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 Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski.

Stressing the importance of continued furtherance of cooperation with the European Union, the Prime Minister touched upon his government’s priorities and programs. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized that the recent events went a long way toward developing and strengthening democracy in Armenia. He pointed out that the favorable atmosphere established in our country will give fresh impetus to the reform process and result in drastic transformations,

The Premier stressed that the number one priority is the fight against corruption, and the Government will take steps to develop democratic institutions, improve the business environment, enhance the level of investment protection, dismantle the monopolies, minimize corruption in public procurement, etc.

“We are firmly determined to implement the goals, programs and measures we have set and achieve tangible results,” the Prime Minister underscored.

Appreciative of the new government’s programs, Piotr Świtalski assured that the European Union is prepared to back their implementation, including in the frame of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement’s temporary application arrangement.

The Ambassador said he could good opportunities for bringing in European investments, especially as regards the implementation of different projects within the framework of public-private partnership. Piotr Świtalski noted that European investors are ready to discuss specific projects.

The interlocutors referred to the holding of snap parliamentary elections in Armenia, the Electoral Code reform, as well as a number of other issues high on the agenda of EU-Armenia relations.

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