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Prime Minister introduces newly appointed Head of State Protection Service


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 Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced to the State Protection Service staff newly appointed Head of SPS Grigory Hayrapetov.

The Prime Minister thanked former SPS Head Hrachya Harutyunyan for good work and wished Grigory Hayrapetov every success in his activities. “The State Protection Service plays an extremely important role in ensuring the security of our country, and I think we all understand this. We must admit that during all these years the Service has gone through serious transformations.

I hope that the past record will be improved, and the State Protection Service will set itself the task of continuously and consistently upgrading the level of services not only to provide for the security of public officials, but also to minimize the inconveniences caused to our citizens. I do not think that the latter is a less important issue, because I believe that this is a key nuance in the government-society relationships. It goes without saying that our security colleagues are entrusted with quite an important mission, but they should also take into account that the government-society relations are also an important component of security,” Nikol Pashinyan underscored.

The Premier noted that Grigory Hayrapetov is one of those people standing at the roots of the State Protection Service and expressed the hope that with his appointment the service will be given a fresh breath, energy and mood. Hrachya Harutyunyan congratulated Grigory Hayrapetov on appointment and wished him and all SPS staff peaceful exercise.

For his part, Grigory Hayrapetov thanked the Prime Minister for confidence and assured that any issue facing the Service will be addressed properly and in a timely manner in accordance with the Armenian legislation.

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