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Prime Minister holds consultation on milk purveyances, fruit and vegetables exports and irrigation process


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Today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation with the heads of government agencies to discuss issues related to milk purveyances, fruit and vegetables exports and irrigation. Referring to milk purveyances, Minister of Agriculture Artur Khachatryan dwelt on the potential reasons behind price fluctuations. During the exchange of views that followed, the stakeholders came up with a number of proposals and recommendations.

Prime Minister Pashinyan emphasized that consistent steps should be taken to ensure strict adherence to standards in the production of dairy products and raise awareness among domestic consumers. The Premier suggested establishing a task force, involving representatives from the government departments concerned, which should consider the existing problems and submit relevant solutions, account taken of the farmers’ interests.

The Minister advised that the fruit and vegetables exports were organized properly. It was specifically noted that as of this June 15, 37,446 tons of fruit and vegetables had been exported against 28,651 tons in the same period last year. 14,652 tons of apricots have already been exported as compared to 26 tons in the same period of 2017, and 2,237 tons of cherries against 420 tons of the previous year.

The responsible officials pointed out that the sales markets had been expanded, covering not only Russia, but also Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, UAE, USA and other countries.

Highlighting the need for continued increase in export volumes, the Prime Minister instructed those responsible to keep in close touch with foreign partners in order to meet the eventual challenges.

“The issue of exports was discussed during my latest visit to Russia, and there is the same expectation over there as regards the rise in our exports. Our Russian partners have problems in meeting the market demand and hope that we can support them,” Pashinyan said, stressing the importance of ensuring compliance with sanitary rules for exported products.

Coming to the irrigation season, the speakers noted that it was proceeding properly, promoted by favorable weather conditions. The Prime Minister stressed the need for consistent and coordinated work in this field.

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