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“Everyone, especially our compatriots, is invited to invest in Armenia” – PM welcomes Russia-based Armenian businessmen


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received a delegation of Armenian businessmen from Russia, Krasnodar, Rostov, Stavropol, Novorossiysk and other cities.

“I am glad to meet you and note your interest. I am hopeful that your interest will bring about tangible results. I think there is no need to present all those changes underway in Armenia as I am aware that you have been closely following the development, and I assume that some of you may even have participated in person. Your visit proves that you, too, are interested in the process. Now that changes have taken place, it is important that we make joint efforts to build on their positive results,” Nikol Pashinyan said, adding that today the most active process is the fight against corruption, which should provide the necessary framework for further developments. The Premier expressed hope that this process will prove that Armenia’s new authorities intend to ensure legality and equal field of action for all.

“We hope that investments will come to Armenia as a result of this process. Our perception is that investors should get real profits and benefits, while the Republic of Armenia may have actual gains in two main areas – jobs and budget receipts. After being elected prime minister, I had several opportunities to meet with the business circles and state that they were free from any corruption-related commitments, which should be banned in Armenia to provide incentives for improving the business environment,” the Prime Minister stressed, noting that people had left Armenia not only because of social injustice, but also due to the lack of equal opportunities for everyone.

“Today, these issues have been addressed politically, and we invite everyone, especially our compatriots, to invest in Armenia, open up new jobs and build the homeland. At the same time, I concur with your view that Armenia should no longer be deemed as a destination for charity.

We are sincere in our desire, we want you to invest and get profits. Trust is the most important thing, and I hope you are confident that what I say is just what I have in my mind, in my heart and soul. I am convinced that it will not be long before your assistance comes as our sincere call was followed by a sincere response, because what made you come here today is nothing but a sincere desire to be of service. We will do our utmost to bolster up that sincere wish of yours to support the homeland,” Nikol Pashinyan underscored.

The Russian businessmen said they have arrived with a view to discussing specific investment programs. They expressed confidence that many new jobs might be created owing to the proposed projects, including in industry, agriculture, services, healthcare and other spheres.

During the meeting, reference was made to the ongoing efforts to improve the business environment, simplify tax and customs administration, and the government’s upcoming initiatives.


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