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Legislative changes to ease the burden of citizens and increase road traffic discipline


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A Cabinet sitting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The meeting first approved the Government’s legislative initiative concerning the draft law on amnesty for a number of administrative offenses. There is a huge number of overdue fines and penalties for administrative offenses envisaged under the RA Code on Administrative Offenses that have not been settled due to the socio-economic conditions in the country. The proposed bill suggests exempting from administrative responsibility those citizens who have committed offenses under the relevant articles of the RA Code on Administrative Offenses.

The Head of Government reminded that the bill refers to those fines and penalties imposed by December 31, 2017. The Justice Minister emphasized that the matter does not concern all offenses: there are some exceptions, such as driving in a drunken state, the transfer of State license plates, and other serious offenses.

Prime Minister Pashinyan next stated that Armenian-make computers will henceforth be installed at the government’s conference and session halls. He drew attention to the fact that the Cabinet members were sitting in front of computers made in Armenia.

“The format of Cabinet meetings’ computer support has changed due to the change of approach - this is our policy. We have repeatedly stated that the development of high technologies is among our priorities both in terms of software and hardware,” Pashinyan said, adding that similar changes will have to be operated in the National Assembly.

Down to the agenda, the Government decided to ask the National Assembly Speaker to convene an extraordinary NA sitting on July 11, 2018, at 11:00 am to discuss as follows: Amnesty for Fines and Penalties Imposed for Some Types of Administrative Offenses, Amending the RA Civil Procedure Code and the RA Law On Military Service and Servicemen’s Status, as well as On Ratifying the Memorandum of Understanding on Armenia’s Participation in the Creative Europe Program between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the European Commission.

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