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“The cultural aspect is the key component in any phenomenon” - PM attends gala event dedicated to Creative Armenia’s anniversary


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his spouse Anna Hakobyan attended a gala event dedicated to the first anniversary of Creative Armenia cultural foundation (CAF). The event was attended by Cabinet members, ambassadors accredited to Armenia, CAF Founder Karin Hovhannisyan, famous rock musician Serj Tankian who is a member of the consultative constituent council of Creative Armenia, as well as public and cultural figures.

Addressing the audience, the Prime Minister pointed out that in fact, the cultural aspect is the key component in any phenomenon. “The political changes that occurred in Armenia were in fact the resolution of a serious cultural conflict, which opposed the culture of violence to the culture of love. The culture of love triumphed. This is a global change in Armenia’s public life, since unfortunately, until recently the culture of love was considered to be a culture of weakness, and the culture of violence was seen as the culture of power.

We proved the opposite, and this is the most important change that has occurred in Armenia. Today, changes continue, and we hope that it will continue for a long time ahead to consistently take root in our political and public life. These changes were materialized as it proved possible to change relations between two citizens: the culture of the conflict was replaced by the culture of cooperation. These changes were badly needed, and they are actually of paramount importance. This is not just a change of power, but a change in thinking, and this will lead to many other changes.

I am glad that many people in Armenia understand that the culture of love is strong enough in terms of both protecting the homeland and the people, the citizens and their rights and, therefore, the culture of violence has failed. There is no way back to the culture of violence.

The people of the Republic of Armenia have already been liberated; these are institutional freedoms, and most importantly, today’s liberation must turn into each citizen’s personal, creative and cultural freedom. This will in turn lead to a reassessment of one’s own role and the relationship between the authorities and the citizen.

I am convinced that changes in our country will bring about new results. I am sure that every day and every week, we will see new victories of love in the Republic of Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Creative Armenia foundation seeks to find out talented artists in Armenia and promote a cultural awakening in the country.

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