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PM briefed on TUMO activities and programs


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Today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. The Premier took a tour of the center, during which TUMO Founder Sam Simonyan and Director Marie L. Papazian introduced the Center’s conditions, activities and programs. The center was said to have been implementing a free out-of-school program, under which young people aged 12-18 can get skills to succeed in the modern digital world and build their future path.

During the tour, the Prime Minister visited the center’s training and study rooms, talked to the students who presented the knowledge and skills gained in the center and the programs developed through the use of cutting-edge technology. Hailing the activities of the educational center, Prime Minister Pashinyan stressed that it is a wonderful opportunity for young people to get high-quality professional education.

Marie L. Papazian briefed the Head of Government on their two new initiatives: 1) The TUMO Labs (Convergence Center) are designed for college-age students and young professionals and will complete their university education by offering a real opportunity to work on existing or planned projects in the leading areas. 2) The TUMO 28 Project, which provides that 24 new hubs shall be commissioned in addition to the already existing four centers. This will ensure wider availability of TUMO centers in the provinces, enabling access to at least one of them within one hour from any Armenian settlement.

The students asked for another meeting with the Prime Minister in order to address him with different questions. They also asked Prime Minister Pashinyan to help expand the TUMO network in Armenia and hold live Facebook sessions on the spot. The Premier complied with their requests, including the possibility of addressing his TUMO followers through his microblog on the social network.

Nikol Pashinyan said the Armenian government is ready to support Sam Simonyan’s projects and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education and developing the rising generation.

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