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Nikol Pashinyan receives François Rochebloine


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Today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received François Rochebloine, former deputy of the National Assembly of France, Chairman of France-Artsakh friendship group. Highly appreciative of François Rochebloine’s role in strengthening Armenian-French relationships, the Premier thanked him for his years-long pro-Armenian activities.

François Rochebloine was granted Armenian citizenship a few days ago. Nikol Pashinyan handed him the passport of the Republic of Armenia and expressed confidence that the Armenian citizenship would be a new impetus for him to strengthen ties with Armenia, the Armenian people, and visit our country more frequently.

François Rochebloine thanked the Prime Minister for appreciation and kind remarks, adding that he was glad to get the passport of the Republic of Armenia as he is a friend of the Armenian people. Noting that this was his 33rd visit to Armenia, Mr. Rochebloine assured that he would continue to make active efforts toward the furtherance and strengthening of Armenian-French relations.

François Rochebloine said he had been closely following the internal political developments in Armenia. In this connection, he emphasized that the peaceful nature of the revolution came as another proof of Armenian people’s commitment to democratic values. The French politician wished Nikol Pashinyan’s government ever new achievements. In conclusion, he advised that he was going to visit Artsakh on July 19.

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