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Official dinner given in honor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on behalf of RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan


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Later today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hosted an official dinner at the Prime Minister’s residence in honor of FRG Chancellor Angela Merkel who is paying an official visit to Armenia.

In line with the Protocol, the two heads of government exchanged toasts, touching upon the Armenian-German relations and the prospects for their development.

Remarks delivered by RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during the official dinner hosted on behalf of German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Honorable Mrs. Chancellor,
Honorable President of the Republic of Armenia,
Dear members of the Delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany,
Dear State officials of the Republic of Armenia,
Dear Guests,

Today is truly a memorable day in the history of bilateral relations between Armenia and Germany, since for the first time ever the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany has visited the Republic of Armenia.

Armenian media outlets have already qualified the visit as historical, and I cannot but concur with that qualification. I first agreed with it as presumptuous but now, after the talks, I can also agree as an outcome, because we have had extremely important and effective talks with Mrs. Chancellor. And I am convinced that all our agreements will be implemented consistently and principally to turn a new page in the relations between our countries.

Nevertheless, I think that interstate relations have the potential to strengthen human relations because Mrs. Chancellor with her long experience and human qualities is creating a positive atmosphere conducive to an outspoken dialogue. That style of hers is most effective and enjoyable.

The relations between Armenia and Germany have great potential. This potential has been built up all the way through our Third Republic’s history, as well as from the perspective of a longer-term history, and I am convinced that our government will do its best to multiply that potential with a view to achieving greater and far more impressive results in political, economic and humanitarian spheres.

I wish to emphasize that a special, emotional and political attitude toward Germany has been shaped in Armenia after Bundestag adopted a resolution on the Armenian Genocide in June 2016.

Having suffered tragic upheavals, our people are optimistic about their future today, and I am glad that Mrs. Chancellor and our colleagues from the German delegation were quick to notice that optimism in Armenia and stand ready to uphold our optimism, which in itself means that our countries’ friendship will continue at the political level, at the economic level and in human contacts.

I want to raise a cup for the new chapter that is being opened in the annals of Armenian-German relations, for the ever growing optimism in our interaction and for the firm determination we have in turning a new page in our relations.

Mrs. Chancellor, you are welcome to the Republic of Armenia; the Republic of Armenia has been waiting for you with love and affection, and I hope that the atmosphere of love and optimism will accompany us not only during your stay, but also for many years ahead after you leave the country and will create a new foundation for reciprocated visits, mutual contacts and shared optimism.

Thank you. Long live the Armenian-German friendship!

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s remarks at the official dinner hosted by RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in honor of the German Chancellor

Honorable Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan,
Honorable Mr. President,
Dear MPs,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me thank you on behalf of my delegation and myself for the warm welcome shown to us today. We are glad to be in a city that is 2800 years old and boasts numerous cultural and historical assets.

Earlier today, my delegation and I called at Tsitsernakaberd Memorial where all our thoughts were focused on Armenian people’s great pain that came in 1915. I had the opportunity to plant a fir tree in the nearby alley and was very much impressed by our trip to Tsitsernakaberd.

I am hopeful Armenia is eyeing the future: one of its brightest evidences is my visit to TUMO Center for Creative Technologies where I communicated with teens. This spring, we were closely following the developments in Armenia, watching how Armenian citizens, especially young people, expressed their political will through peaceful demonstrations.

We, the representatives of the Federal Government of Germany – MPs and business people - and the German side in general, want to be your guide on the way to the planned brave changes and wish to be a partner throughout your effort to further develop Armenia.

We know that many people are fond of talking; instead we made a point of working today and were able to identify all those areas where we can work together more closely. We will continue to deepen our cooperation in education, research, economics and many other areas.

Germany can likewise assist Armenia in the implementation of the Comprehensive and Advanced Partnership Agreement with the European Union. And in order not to forget about our agreements, I am now inviting you, Mr. Prime Minister, to visit Germany so that we could record the progress we have made and continue to work for the sake of development.

So, let me express my satisfaction by raising a cup for the Armenian-German friendship and for the further development of Armenian-German cooperation.

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