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On September 1, PM visited basic school N3 in Sevan


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Today, on Knowledge and Schooling Day, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan traveled to Sevan town in Gegharkunik Marz where he called at basic school N3 after V. Karapetyan.

Congratulating those present on Knowledge and Schooling Day, the Prime Minister stated, in part: “Today, September the first is being marked in the new Armenia, and these 111 children are the first-graders of the new Armenia. What is the difference, and what should be different in this new situation? I think that we should record that what matters most is that knowledge has to be appreciated more than credits in the new Armenia, that is, students and parents should seek knowledge and not higher marks in the new Armenia. It is important not to do what we have memorized, but what we have developed as skills and abilities.

In the new Armenia, the school and the teachers should not just set the task of transferring information to schoolchildren; instead they should prepare the child for flight, because we all have to prepare our country, our homeland and our people for flight, since the time’s imperative is that we should be able to fly high. We should be able to achieve very high goals and results.”

As the Head of Government said, September 1 symbolizes a new chapter in the new Armenia where everyone must be free and happy; not only parents, teachers and the authorities, but also society and the State need to mobilize their efforts. Prime Minister Pashinyan wished the first-graders every success on the first day of their imminent flight and on the eve of our national flight.

“Indeed, this is a new Armenia, a new situation, and I can see in your eyes confidence in that new faith and the future. Believe it, that confidence will not only be short-lived in your eyes, but will grow stronger every day, because you are a nation who has won, who will never be defeated and will always be a winner. So, let us congratulate the triumphant sons of our victorious people, who are turning a new page on September 1, in a new situation, in a new country to meet a new future.”


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