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Nikol Pashinyan Visits Armenian Veterans’ Union


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today visited the Armenian Veterans’ Union (AVU). While introducing their activities, AVU Board Chairman Simon Yesayan raised a number of issues of concern to veterans.

The Prime Minister welcomed and congratulated the veterans on the 27th anniversary of Armenia’s independence, noting that the three republics are viewed as different stages in our nation’s establishment and development.

“I was born in the Second Republic of Armenia; my grandfather, whose name was also Nicol Pashinyan, did not return from the Second World War, and owing to all those circumstances, I feel at home here and I am grateful for your cordiality,” the Prime Minister said. Nikol Pashinyan emphasized that the State should assess the veterans’ contribution at its true value.

“It is extremely important for us to try to solve the problems step by step. I have come to pay tribute to you, your way of life, your earnings both in warfare and work, your public and political life, and to say that the Armenian government is indeed your friend; we hold in deep respect those who have built our homeland or have risked their lives for the sake of our homeland, and all those who want a better future for their children, grandchildren and for whom Armenia’s independence is a supreme value. We deem that sovereignty and independence go in harmony with our past history,” Nikol Pashinyan said and went on to note that the government will make every effort to ensure that the members of the Armenian Veterans' Union enjoy proper participation in Great Patriotic War anniversary celebrations. The Head of Government assured that all those issues raised by the veterans would be discussed and given appropriate solutions.

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