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Nikol Pashinyan: “I hope that Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s new director and the Board of Trustees will be able to implement development programs”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Haykak Arshamian, newly appointed Executive Director of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund (HAAF), and Petros Terzyan, a member of the Fund’s Board of Trustee.

Congratulating Haykak Arshamian on his appointment to the post of executive director, Nikol Pashinyan expressed the hope that Mr. Arshamian’s appointment will add momentum to HAAF’s activities.

“I am well aware that during this period, the Fund faced many problems that need prompt response. You need to have a clear idea of how to deal with them. Mr. Terzyan, I would like to thank you for your role and efforts during this critical period, so that we could lead the situation to a constructive resolution. And in general, I would like to thank you for your activities carried out all the way through the Fund’s activities. I hope that the new director and the Board of Trustees will be able to develop and implement targeted development programs,” the Prime Minister said.

Petros Terzyan, too, congratulated Haykak Arshamian on his appointment to the post of HAAF Executive Director. “I am sure that Haykak Arshamian is the right person in the right place and in the right conditions. I am ready to do whatever may appear to be necessary. I am convinced that this magnificent structure, which has made a great contribution to economic growth in Armenia and Artsakh, will face a great future thanks to your support. I think we should defy all challenges in this new Armenia which, I am sure, are temporary, so that we could reach new horizons in implementing ever new programs for the sake of Armenia and Artsakh,” Mr. Terzyan said.

Haykak Arshamian thanked the HAAF Commission for supporting his candidacy. “I think that the Fund should be transformed into a structure of the 21st century since the problems have been left behind in the past century. Now, we have to work not only on holding telethons and using mechanisms for collecting money through phone calls, but we should also try to attract as many people as possible through the online platforms to donate even small amounts, even if it is question of 500 or 1000 drams. We should try to involve all Armenians in the development of Armenia. One of HAAF’s main goals is to ensure worldwide Diaspora’s participation in the processes underway in Armenia.

I have set myself a task to raise confidence in the Fund’s activities that need to be upgraded in tune with those changes underway in Armenia. We should have a new and genuine all-Armenian fund in the new Armenia,” Haykak Arshamyan stated.

“It is important that during this period we were able to work in a team with the Board of Trustees and the President of the Fund that is the President of the Republic of Armenia. I hope this is not overcoming a painful crisis, but turning a new page in terms of raising HAAF’s reputation, increasing its efficiency and establishing an important institution of national consolidation,” Prime Minister Pashinyan pointed out.

The meeting discussed issues related to Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s future activities.

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