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PM joins Agarak Revival Project’s 10th anniversary celebrations; attends opening of a clothing factory launched on his initiative


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 On October 7, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan traveled to Agarak community (Aragatsotn Marz) to participate in festive events dedicated to Agarak Revival Project’s 10th anniversary.

The Head of Government first took part in the opening of a clothing factory, founded by businessman Hrachya Poghosyan, who had attended the St. Petersburg meeting between Nikol Pashinyan and Russia-based Armenian entrepreneurs. Mr. Poghosyan responded to the Prime Minister’s call and founded a clothing factory in his native Agarak community, creating some three dozen new jobs. The new plant’s construction is underway. The number of jobs will be taken up to 100 in the future. The output will be sold on the local market, but there are plans to organize exports.

Nikol Pashinyan toured the facility to get acquainted with the ongoing activities. The Head of Government expressed the hope that the facility will expand in the future; new jobs will be created and high productivity will be ensured.

“The higher your profits, the greater the benefits of your workers, your community and our State,” the Premier said. Then the Prime Minister attended a tree planting function downtown Agarak near the memorial dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Ararat-73 football team’s victory. To remind, Agarak’s central square has been renamed into Ararat-73 on the occasion of its 45th anniversary.

Having spent 195 days in the Universe, Armenia’s flag returned to the country after being in the international space station. It was taken along by cosmonaut Oleg Artemev. The flag of Armenia has been brought to Armenia by Russian Astronaut, RF Hero Anton Shkaplerov, and handed over to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Agarak during the festive event, removing the package from which it was placed in the space. At the same time, a poster dedicated to the Yerevan’s 2800th anniversary will be brought to Armenia in two weeks.

In his speech Nikol Pashinyan considered it symbolic day for several reasons. “Many people are asking me about what has changed in Armenia over the past five months. Those who want to do so will see that the most important things have changed in Armenia – the people’s mood, attitude, self-esteem and self-confidence. It is important for us to record what matters most to the people: self-esteem and pride. It is important for every citizen of the Republic of Armenia to clearly state that he is equal to everyone and there is no one more and less than himself. Today, there are no privileged citizens in the Republic of Armenia, including the Prime Minister. We are all citizens of the Republic of Armenia and have the same rights and responsibilities.

In the Republic of Armenia, we enjoy genuine brotherhood, civic brotherhood, and we all perceive each other as a single family, a union and a nation. Forty-five years have passed since the victory of Ararat -73, so many people are honored in Armenia: they open squares and remember the victory with wet eyes because Ararat gave new strength to our nation’s pride with its victories so that every Armenian should be proud because the most important thing for our people is his identity and self-esteem,” the Prime Minister mentioned in this context, reminding that a delegation led by him had attended the national homage ceremony for the late Armenian chansonnier Charles Aznavour in Paris. “Why do we all love him because he has given a new strength to our people’s pride; self-esteem and self-consciousness were raised to a new level,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

According to the Prime Minister, this day is special because citizens look at each other with pride and love because they are honest toward each other.

“At the St. Petersburg meeting, I got acquainted with Hrachya Poghosyan during a meeting with Armenian businessmen. As we talked about Armenia’s development model, we came to the conclusion that the government’s main role was to create opportunities for businessmen to invest in Armenia. Mr. Poghosyan promised to invest in Agarak; those who promise something and honor their word are our most important partners, those who can do more than charity by providing every Armenian the opportunity to win their bread with daily work,” the Prime Minister said, adding that this was the first such facility opened in Agarak since independence.

The Head of Government expressed the hope that this small workshop would go expanding and other production units might be created. “I want to guarantee and assure that no one will interfere with business activities in the New Armenia; no public official will think of taking a bribe or creating any problems whatsoever. All businessmen should know that we highly appreciate their charities and donations which are of great importance to Armenia, but we are now calling on everyone to invest and create jobs. Armenia is a place where people can earn money through fair and legitimate work. Armenia is waiting for you,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Nikol Pashinyan advised that soon we will witness practical steps by another St. Petersburg meeting participant. “A sugar factory will soon be launched in Sevan town, the owner of which is here. Either he was in attendance of that meeting. I am ready to go to as many meetings as will help create new jobs. Mr. Poghosyan, thank you very much for keeping in touch with your compatriots. The Armenians are hard-working people - they do not need charity; instead they themselves can reach out a helping hand, if necessary. We will prove that we are creative and are in for a great flight,” the Premier said.

Nikol Pashinyan underscored that Agarak is one of the most important agricultural centers of our country, which the government must provide with water, new technologies and a good atmosphere to work.

“Dear people, no one will hinder you. We will assist and back you. Our government and I myself must be powder under the people’s feet so that you can stand up, develop, and grow stronger. Our people are forerunners in the world since we were able to carry out an unprecedented revolution as of yet unknown in mankind’s millennial history. The Armenian nation used to be a pioneer of civilization and has today regained that honor. I love all of you and kiss you all. Long live Agarak and its inhabitants! Long live the Republic of Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan concluded.

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