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PM Pashinyan, ARF Dashnaktsutyun representatives discuss political situation in the country


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Head of ARF parliamentary faction Armen Rustamyan, faction member Spartak Seyranyan and ARF Supreme Body representative Arsen Hambardzumyan.

Greeting the guests, Prime Minister Pashinyan stated, in part: “We are in for a new round of discussions, and I am glad to have this opportunity. I attach great importance to dialogue, and I want to say that I highly appreciate ARF’s activities and its role in our modern political life.

I do hope that our negotiations, the political process and the political situation will go in tune the logic of continued cooperation and, of course, we are prepared to do everything for it. I am convinced that this is your understanding as well. In this political situation, we need to keep in close touch in order to discuss the problems.

I do not mean that we hope not to have any problems at all: it is not a good regime in any democratic country; I just hope that all problems will be discussed in terms of argumentation and dialogue, account taken of the political situation and the best interest of our State and national interests. I am glad for this meeting and I am grateful for your openness to dialogue.”

For his part, Armen Rustamyan said: “Either we are grateful to you, Mr. Prime Minister. The ARF Dashnaktsutyun is a party that abides by clearly formulated ideas and sustained positions irrespective of political developments. We are confident that in a bid to defy both internal and external challenges regardless of any scenario, we must continue to cooperate for the sake of our country and our statehood. In this respect, the ARF has always been and will be fully supportive of all reasonable initiatives.

At this stage it is crucial for us to tackle all issues in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, because healthy cooperation implies discussions and, why not, debate on specific issues. I am convinced that we can find a common denominator since our goal is indeed the same after all.

From the very outset, we valued these new developments, the revolution that took place in Armenia, and we do believe that any revolution has go through some specific stages. The stage of denial was also very important, which meant rejecting the failures and mistakes of the past. We need to be able to rearrange and swiftly proceed to construction in which you can always rely on our full support.”

Issues related to the political situation in the country were discussed during the meeting.

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