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Strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora ties discussed


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Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received members of the Central Board of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (RAP). Issues related to the strengthening of Homeland-Diaspora ties and Armenia’s political developments were discussed during the meeting.

Nikol Pashinyan expressed the hope that the ongoing processes will have a favorable impact on RAP’s activities in Armenia and will provide additional incentives for RAP’s involvement in political processes.

The RAP Central Board members expressed readiness to use the party’s foreign structures in order to tap the enormous potential inherent in the Diaspora for the sake of Homeland’s development. They imparted their intention to organize an economic forum in Yerevan that would bring together Diaspora businessmen with a view to introducing Armenia’s investment opportunities.

Welcoming the initiative, Nikol Pashinyan suggested collaborating with corresponding government agencies in that direction.

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