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Nikol Pashinyan hails contribution made by volunteers during 17th Francophone Summit


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Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended a ceremony of awarding appreciation letters to volunteers who participated in the organization of the 17th Summit of the International Organization of La Francophonie, which was held in October, 2018 in Yerevan. More than 800 volunteers were presented with letters of appreciation for dedicated work and valuable contribution to the preparations and holding of the 17th Summit of La La Francophonie.

Appreciating the work done during the Summit, Nikol Pashinyan said: “What is the most important result of your work? As we shared our impressions with the heads of participating countries, they all said to be pleased with the organization of the Summit, for which I would also like to thank the representatives of the government and the members of the organizing committee. Our guests stressed that they had been especially impressed by our people.

You have made the biggest contribution to this assessment, because you were the first to meet and attend them during the Summit’s proceedings. In your face, they saw bright, strong, positive people; in your eyes they could see a country with a strong, bright, positive and great future. This is the most important outcome of the OIF Summit and your work.

Therefore, I can say that owing to your efforts, the Republic of Armenia is now perceived as a country of kind people. We have a lot of wealth in our country: many are aware of our history, cultural values, historical monuments, literature and music. But it is very important that now we have stated that the Republic of Armenia is a country of people, a country of free, creative, struggling, winning and hospitable people who can successfully host such a major international event - the largest ever international event held in our country.

I want to thank you all for your dedicated work. This is an invaluable service that you rendered to our homeland, the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people. I love you all, I am proud of each of you, and today I am happy for your high spirits and good mood. Thank you very much. Go ahead with the same spirit.”

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