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Armenian Genome genetic research project discussed in Government


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Chaired by Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a consultative meeting was held in the Prime Minister’ Office to discuss ways of expanding the scope of genetic studies and the Armenian Genome project, which has been developed to this effect.

Referring to the purpose of the discussion, the Acting Prime Minister stated, in part, “We have recently received numerous proposals for investing in the fight against cancer. The amount of these proposals and ideas is so great that there is a need to understand their interconnectivity, namely to what extent they are consistent with the general trends as far as they complement or contradict each other. I think that today’s discussions will help us exchange information about the general field and trends in order to form a general idea.”

The co-authors of the project, General Partner, New Ventures Funds Harry Glorikian and Director of RA NAS Molecular Biology Institute Arsen Arakelyan presented the details of the project. The project seeks to increase the number of genetic findings in the field of healthcare through the development of digital health facilities and related infrastructures.

The project is tentatively estimated at USD 10 million. During the exchange of views that followed, the project’s impact inclusive of its medical, scientific, research, technological components, its eventual economic consequences, the scope of potential investors and other issues were discussed.

Acting Prime Minister’s spouse Anna Hakobyan, who chairs the board of trustees of the City of Smile charity foundation, touched upon the propose investment programs to fight cancer and suggested that these proposals should be considered in the context of the project.

The meeting decided to start a launch a project called Armenian Genome, and to appoint the RA NAS Institute of Molecular Biology as the main responsible for its implementation. The Acting Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Healthcare and the Institute of Molecular Biology to jointly develop and submit a detailed project strategy, a roadmap and a budget schedule.

As regards the financing sources, Nikol Pashinyan instructed them to work in parallel with a view to identifying the scope of potential investors.

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