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“We have serious projects in the field of construction” – Prime Minister discusses development prospects with developers


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultative meeting to discuss the development trends and the prospects in the field of construction. The meeting was attended by the heads of the agencies concerned and developers’ representatives.

Opening the meeting, Prime Minister Pashinyan noted that the Government has many serious projects to implement in the sphere of construction. “We can witness serious activity in the field of mortgage lending, which suggests that it should lead to increased investment in construction. We also have many serious projects associated with the operations of water reservoirs in Armenia as it is one of our strategic priorities, and we need to accumulate water resources in order to ensure the country’s sustainable development without drawing on Lake Sevan.

We have serious plans in the field of road construction since the quality of domestic infrastructures raises specific concerns, and we are facing a problem as regards the level and quality of infrastructures and highways. I hope that today we will discuss all those issues faced in the field of construction so that we can solve the problem of our future co-operation and synchronization in all these areas,” the Prime Minister said.

The meeting next focused on the furtherance of public-private partnership, provision of infrastructures by developers, the introduction of an integrated cadastre system, promotion of local companies, legislative and pricing mechanisms in construction, the applicable regulatory framework and a number of other issues.

The representatives of developing companies touched upon the prospects of cooperation in the areas mentioned by Prime Minister Pashinyan and expressed readiness to discuss the opportunities.

Nikol Pashinyan stressed that the Government is keen to ensure continued improvement of construction, which in turn will boost the development process in our country and will help improve Armenia’s position in the Doing Business rating list. The Premier told the government officials in charge to discuss the proposals with the developers and stakeholders.

The parties agreed to hold similar meetings on a regular basis.

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